Re: ORBit speed measure

Such as every test that has been done, it's always unfair because of this
or that.
However, I did not optimize this because I used my distribution
(slackware) stuffs. This is because I wanted to use it for some projects
and wanted to get an idea of the overhead. Thus as every user will not
recompile ORBit, I just took the straight distribution package. Therefore,
the times were provided as it.

If one can find bench between dynamic loading and ORBit (compiled with
what approched the most the dynamic loading) and benchs of ORBit between
the differents mean of transport (sockets, rpc, ...) it would greatly
interest lots of people. I just hope I didn't missed it.

I know CORBA is not an implementation, but to myself it's a language
abuse but it's commonly used.

Xavier Ordoquy

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