Re: php module for CORBA

On Monday 04 December 2000 20:28, you wrote:
>Hi Jason,
>> CORBAmodule.c: In function `CORBA_Object_to_PyObject':
>> CORBAmodule.c:44: structure has no member named `object_id'
>> CORBAmodule.c:52: structure has no member named `object_id'
>> This is after making sure the ORBit snapshot mentioned below is the
>> ONLY version of ORBit on the box.  PHP4 w/ Satellite has compiled
>> fine.  Thoughts and/or suggestions?
>What version of ORBit is this?  ORBit-Python uses the object_id field
>from CORBA_Object_struct (in the 0.5.X series, anyway) to get the repo
>id.  Does anyone know of a more proper way to fetch the repo id from a
>CORBA object?

"object_id" has been renamed to "type_id"

Unfortunately I don't know of a proper way to retrieve this.

-\- David Eriksson -/-

"An expert in a particular computer language is really an expert
in the work-arounds necessary to use this language to perform 
useful work." - Richard B. Johnson

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