Re: 802.1x & wep?

Robert Love wrote:
> Morgan Read wrote:
>> No, NetworkManager does not do 802.1x authentication with wep.  Nor does
>> it look like it ever will from the NetworkManagerToDo page:
> I am unsure what on this page leads you to believe that NM will never
- Nothing, my point.

> support 802.1X, but that is untrue.  We want it.  I do not have a time
> table, but it is certainly on the list -- if you write a patch tomorrow,
> we'd merge it!
- Afraid I'm simply not remotely qualified to write a patch, though I'll
be very happy to spend time de-bugging.  Good to know it's in mind, if
not the todo list.

Thanks very much for the post.
Morgan Read

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