Re: [PATCH] LEAP support in NetworkManager

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 20:32 -0300, Thiago Bauermann wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This is a patch which adds LEAP support to NetworkManager. It has two
> issues
> which I am aware of, but it's most definetly usable (and useful!).

Thanks!  Looks really good, committed to HEAD with a few cleanups (2
unused variables, on missing return in a function with a return value

Could you provide the output of an 'iwlist <xxx> scan' command for an
access point that supports LEAP?  Obviously change the BSSID and SSID
for your privacy, but I'm curious how they present themselves.

Also, do they send out an WPA or RSN information elements in the scan?
Do they advertise that they support encryption?


> One of the issues is that in the first time you connect to the LEAP 
> network, you need to use the "Connect to other wireless network" menu
> option and specify the SSID by hand, because NM thinks the network is
> not encrypted and tries to connect to it without bringing up the 
> username/password dialog. After the first time, NM will store the
> network
> settings, so it's possible to use the menu item corresponding to the
> LEAP network in nm-applet from that point on.
> The other issue is that for some reason, sometimes NM thinks that the
> access point "is unencrypted, no key needed", so it doesn't try to use
> LEAP to connect to the wireless network (despite the fact that info
> for the
> network is available in gconf, which specifies LEAP should be used for
> it). 
> I still didn't recognize any pattern in this behaviour. I'm probably
> not
> clearing the NM_802_11_CAP_PROTO_NONE bit in the AP capabilities
> attribute
> somewhere in the NM daemon...
> Anyway, if this happens, it's possible to use the "Connect to other 
> wireless network" menu option to connect to the network (but you need
> to
> retype the authentication information).
> This is my first patch to NM, so comments on this code are welcome.
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> Thiago Jung Bauermann 
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