Re: NetworkManager on a non-recognised distro : dhcp problem

Thanks Steev and Nikolaus.

I was indeed lacking the dbus patch (dhcp-3.0.3-dhclient-dbus.patch) but I also realized that, although I had patched with dhcp-3.0.3-x-option.patch, the preprocessor macro EXTENDED_NEW_OPTION_INFO was not defined anywhere, so the -x option was not there...

By using ./configure --copts -DEXTENDED_NEW_OPTION_INFO to configure dhcp, I got it working. I still have to check if everything is ok for the wireless stuff, but at least the wired part is working. Thanks !


Steev Klimaszewski wrote:
Whenever I have seen the Unrequested down ?:# it has typically meant
that a dhcp client is already running.  Also, you may want to make sure
that the dhclient-script file is patched to use dbus as well - I don't
recall if that is in the 3.0.3-x patch, but I don't believe it is.  You
could take a look at the patches that are applied to dhcp that patch the
client, it should have something like this near the top...

  if [ x$dhc_dbus != x -a $exit_status -eq 0 ]; then
    dbus-send --system --dest=com.redhat.dhcp \
      --type=method_call /com/redhat/dhcp/$interface com.redhat.dhcp.set
      'string:'"`env | grep -Ev '^(PATH|SHLVL|_|PWD|dhc_dbus)\='`"
  exit $exit_status
Nikolaus Filus wrote:
You also need a customized dhclient-script, which talks to dhcdbd back with
dbus. In my script I have the following (taken from gentoo)

if [ -n "${dhc_dbus}" ]; then
   /usr/bin/dbus-send \
       --system \
       --dest=com.redhat.dhcp \
       --type=method_call \
       /com/redhat/dhcp/$interface \
       com.redhat.dhcp.set \
       'string:'"`env | /bin/egrep -v '^(PATH|SHLVL|_|PWD|dhc_dbus)\='`";
       if (( ( dhc_dbus & 31 ) == 31 )); then
           exit 0;


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