Re: [patch] don't restart applet.


On 1/31/06, Robert Love <rml novell com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 14:03 -0500, Ray Strode wrote:
> > So things that are autostarted should not be registered with the
> > session manager at all.
> > E.g., the desktop file should have --sm-disable in the Exec line.
> So this is really my point: Since we don't want session management when
> we autostart the applet, and the session management is pretty annoying
> anyhow, why keep it?
I'd go for that, but then I hate the session manager, too, so I'm biased.

If we rip out session management support though, then people who don't
install the desktop file or who run older gnome-sessions will lose.


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