Re: problem with NM

Il giorno gio, 12/01/2006 alle 16.48 +0100, giskard ha scritto:
> hello,
> i'm tring to setup my wifi/wired connection trough NM.
> but, i don't know why NM cannot retrive a valid ip from the dhcp.
> i'm running Debian unstable with NM 0.5.1 an dhcdbd 1.10 both compiled
> from the sources.
> i attached my syslog.log 

jvdias (upstream of dhcdbd) told me that my dhcp client doesn't support
'-x' option, and that i had to recompile it with the   

i did what he told me and now dhcdb is working fine.

btw, the problem persists, because when dhcdbd is done with taking an IP

after some seconds NM start automagically "autoip":

Jan 12 20:41:40 localhost avahi-daemon[5881]: Registering new address
record for on eth0.
Jan 12 20:42:01 localhost NetworkManager: <information>^IDevice 'eth0'
DHCP transaction took too long (>25s), stopping it.
Jan 12 20:42:01 localhost dhclient: DHCPRELEASE on eth0 to
port 67
Jan 12 20:42:02 localhost NetworkManager: <information>^INo DHCP reply
received.  Automatically obtaining IP via Zeroconf.
Jan 12 20:42:02 localhost NetworkManager: <information>^Iautoip: Sending
probe #0 for IP address
(taken from the syslog)


ciao, giskard

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