I've been playing around with CCMP (AES). I've found that if I first
associate with TKIP, and
then /system/networking/wireless/networks/<ssid>/we_cipher to 8 in
gconf, NetworkManager then tells wpa_supplicant to use CCMP. It then
goes on to authenticate and pick up an IP address. Although
NetworkManager identifies the AP as CCMP capable, it doesn't seem to
forward this to nm-applet.

Things I'm using:
NetworkManager pulled from CVS
ipw2200 1.0.10
wpa_supplicant 0.5.0 + AP_SCAN patch
USR 9106 fw version 2.5

[I also have to hack the timeout 120s, as for some reason my setup seems
very slow at associating... don't know whether that's ipw2200,
wpa_supplicant or the USR, though.]

Nice job,
James Ettle                                        jhe phys soton ac uk
Southampton High Energy Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ
PGP key: http://www.hep.phys.soton.ac.uk/~jhe/pgp-public/jhe-shep.asc

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