Re: kernel headers ethtool.h and mii.h

On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 10:57 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:

> Yes, it appears that we do.

Alright.  I'll look into patching our glibc, too.  In the meantime, the
previous patch works.

> We have to do this for wpa.c too since somebody decided it was cool to
> use kernel types in wpa_supplicant.  Whatever.


On a similar vein -- I am seeing a problem (reported weeks ago by
someone else) with more recent wireless-tools.  It seems some things use
<net/if.h> and others <linux/if.h>.  Unfortunately, they define much the
same stuff (ifmap, ifreq, and ifconf structures being the troublemakers)
and thus break compilation.

Not sure an easy solution for that, although a quick-hack would be to
patch iwlib.h to always use <linux/if.h> instead of <net/if.h>.  [ The
problem in NM's case is that we include iwlib.h and kernel headers, such
as mii.h that use <linux/if.h>, in the same file. ]

	Robert Love

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