WPA status 2006-01-03

Another WPA-related update.

Major Changes since Dec 22

1) NMDevice has been refactored and GObject-ified.  Wired and wireless
are now subclasses.  This should make a Bluetooth DUN device quite a bit
easier to write, for example.  Anyone?

2) The applet respects capabilities for both access points and devices

3) Normalization of how generic wireless ciphers in libnm-util return
hashed key information

What's left to be done?

o Hook up WPA options in the applet
o Create a supplicant_manager object that controls invocations of
    o Write out correct wpa_supplicant config file and ask the
        NMAPSecurity objects to write out their security information
    o Connect to wpa_supplicant's control socket to monitor association

Again, we don't actually do WPA yet.  The NMDevice refactor was
necessary to constrain the parts of the code that utilize
wpa_supplicant.  These changes should now be localized in the 802.11
wireless device subclass, nm-device-802-11-wireless.c.


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