Re: Rescanning Network

It is stock ubuntu, so I would assume it is madwifi.

My rescan method is to restart dbus (which restarts the nm daemon). This then does a rescan and populates correctly.

As an aside, if the connect to other wirelese network could have a list of previously associated networks as a drop down or similar, that would be a suitable workaround for me as well. Currently, the 'connect to other wireless network' window requests the WEP key in all cases. I would assume that nm-applet should be able to know that list from within that window.



Robert Love wrote:
On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 10:23 -0500, Darren Albers wrote:

That brings up a question, should those of us who use Atheros chipset
cards use the old Madwifi drivers or Madwifi-ng?

madwifi-ng is definitely a lot better than madwifi, but madwifi-ng from
the SVN repository has been broken in odd ways over the last two weeks
or so.

	Robert Love

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