Re: Patch to add libnotify support to nm-applet

Michael Biebl wrote:
> Tim Niemueller wrote:
>> Rodney Dawes wrote:
>>> notifications with libnotify/notification-daemon, to nm-applet. It's
>> I like it. But I would even like it better if it would display the
>> notification like gnome-power-manager with an arrow pointing to the
>> object in the notification area that this notification belongs to.
> Agreed, it also looks a bit strange if the notification is in the bottom
> right corner although your notification area is in the upper right
> corner (in my case covering half of my workspace switcher applet).

I forgot to add that the pixmap of the ethernet jack scales very badly
und looks very pixelated (I'm using a selfcompiled CVS snapshot btw.)

Otherwise, great work.


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