Re: [patch] _always_ need AP_SCAN 1 for madwifi

On Tue, 2006-02-07 at 16:29 -0500, Robert Love wrote:
> I need the attached patch -- unequivically using "AP_SCAN 1" -- for
> non-broadcast networks to work with madwifi.
> What was the rationale behind using "AP_SCAN 2" for non-broadcast?  Are
> there some devices with problems?

I know that something working needs to get shipped soon, but at some
point here we need to push back against upstream drivers to make them
clean up their stuff...  Everything else seems to work OK with ap_scan =
2 (which is essentially just 'iwconfig ath0 essid foobar', and should
make the driver trigger a scan internally).  I wonder why madwifi needs
it's own toys and can't just share like the rest of the children.


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