Switch to ap_scan = 1


I committed code to switch wpa_supplicant scanning from 2 -> 1 for most
network cases.  This helps NM work better with Atheros cards.  I've been
running this code for about a week with no discernible ill effects on
ipw, airo, atmel, and atheros drivers.

There also code now to double the connection timeout for a/b/g cards
(like Atheros/madwifi) that take a long time for wpa_supplicant to get
scan results from.

Please test it out, if you experience wierd connection issues, please
report them with a log returned by:

/usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon

run as root (after stopping the system NM service, of course).  That
will allow us to figure out what's wrong in more detail.


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