Re: eth0 and wlan0 keep falling back to zeroconf

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Hey Benj, sorry to hear that you are still having problems, a quick
once over of the logs you attached, makes me believe that the -r6 that
VidaLinux is installing didn't have the patches applied for extended
options.  While VidaLinux is based on Gentoo, I am not sure exactly
how they are setup - would you mind emailing me (offlist) and attach
(not inline) your /etc/make.conf file - i would like to see their
setup of their overlay, and I could tell you a little more about what
is going on.  Also, I am not sure about the bcm43xx, I know that one
of my testers has one, but I can't recall him ever connecting with it
properly, something about needing to run a command first before it can
be used, and NM Dispatcher wasn't doing it properly (I must admit that
I don't quite know how to use the dispatcher just yet, been doing the
research, but I have other apps that I have to take care of before NM,
so it does sit on the backburner sometimes)  as to eth0 taking too
long, I believe its the dhcp patch not being applied.  I noticed that
dhcdbd said that there was an Unrequested down:? 3.3 or something
along those lines, whenever I have seen that before, in my experience,
it means that dhcp is already running, and needs to be killed, but
until those patches are applied...
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