Re: Execute script when connecting

I'm running Gentoo and the ebuilds provided by Gentopia. The snpshot is from 20050926. I do not even have the /etc/NetworkManager.d dir. And I do not have a init script for the dispatcher-daemon.


Derek Atkins wrote:

Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:
NetworkManagerDispatcher is probably what you're after.  It listens to
NM's signals and will execute scripts in /etc/NetworkManager.d when
adapters go up and down.  Its in the "dispatcher-daemon" directory in
the NetworkManager source.  I'm not sure if the Fedora RPMs install it,
but we could.

I do not believe the FC3 RPMS install it, and there is no certainly no
initscript to auto-run the daemon.



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