Re: Unable to launch the applet.

On 09/21/2005 12:46 AM, Ramu wrote:

Hi list,

I just checked out the project from the cvs and tried to bring NM up. I
succeded in compiling it and the networkmanager deamon seems to be
running fine.

When I tried to launch the applet  from a command-line, it  threw up
this error ** (nm-applet:24679): WARNING **: Icon nm-no-connection missing: Icon
'nm-no-connection' not present in theme

and I got a dialog box saying,

The NetworkManager Applet could not find some required resources. It
cannot continue.

When i verified with the code, it looks like ICON_LOAD seems to fail.
Any ideas why?

gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor

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