HEAD 1.506 nm-applet bugs

Setup HEAD 1.506

1. Cold boot to wired. nm-applet shows the no-connection icon but there is a good connection. nm-applet is not changing the icon after a successful connection is made. Clicking on the wired network item in the menu, will force another connection to be made and then the icon will change to the wired connection icon.

2. Suspend to ram: When NM wakes, it is now starting fresh same as a boot, however, nm-applet shows the state prior to suspending: progress bar and signal strength are shown. After a few seconds NM begins to activate a new connection. It would be better if nm-applet totally forgot what it knew prior to suspending and just showed the no-connection icon for a few seconds while NM is firing up.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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