Re: dhcdbd patches.

On Monday 31 October 2005 14:11, Robert Love wrote:
> Hey,
> Two dhcdbd patches are attached, against dhcdbd 1.9.
> dhcdbd-use-daemon.patch - use daemon(3), rather than hand-coded
> daemonizing code, when becoming a daemon.  aside from being cleaner,
> this has the effect of redirecting stdout and stderr to /dev/null
> instead of /dev/console.  daemons should not write all over the console
> and, additionally, we want to launch dhclient in with these file
> descriptors redirected (as it, too, is a daemon).  this avoids the
> current spew all over the console.
> dhcdbd-quiet-dhclient.patch - pass "-q" to dhclient.  less needed with
> the above, but prevents it from logging its advertisements and such.
> only errors are printed now.
> 	Robert Love

Thank you - 

I'll apply the patches you sent to the next dhcdbd version .

Jason Vas Dias

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