Network-Manager activates my ethernet device, but uses different IP (=> no connection)

Hi all,

I installed Network-Manager to cope with difficulty arising when I
start Kubuntu 5.10 without having my LAN cable plugged in (In this
case, the ethernet device is not activated, and various attempts to do
this later -- with the help of KControl or by typing "sudo ifconfig
eth0 up" -- didn't succeed.)

What happens is this: Network-Manager seems to activate my ethernet
device (I have a router and use DHCP), but gives me a completely
different IP than before (something like 162.???.???... or similar).
As a result I cannot access a website or my router. When I disable the
ethernet device and immediately re-enable it, I'm given the "right" IP
(namely, which allows me to connect to a website for a
few seconds. In the meantime, Network-Manager commands to change the
IP back to the other address -- which finally leaves me disconnected

I'd be glad if someone could help me on this (and apologies for my
stupid description)!

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