Re: NM 0.5.1 still won't compile on suse 10.0

I had problems compiling with pre10, but can't remember what the error exactly was ... it's here somewhere ;)

What i read also, that should indeed do the trick :)

On 10/25/05, Shane Bryan <shane bryan intel com> wrote:
On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 22:07 +0200, Theetjuh wrote:
> NM 0.5.1 requires wireless-tools 2.8pre9 do you have it installed ?

RPM DB indicates wireless-tools-28pre8-16, but I have since built and
installed 28.pre10 from source.  Maybe I still have a conflict with the
RPM version, so I will try removing it and reinstalling the source.

> Otherwise including the headers could help, it did for others :)

I read this:

"Possible fix is to define HEADERS_KERNEL when including iwlib.h (it
works, but is it right?)."

But since it sounded like a workaround rather than a fix, was expecting a
response (never saw it) indicating if it was "her right thing" to do.

Is this just suggesting to put "#define HEADERS_KERNEL" right before the
#include <iwlib.h> line?




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