Re: Failing dhcp

Hi Theetjuh -

What OS are you using ? 

Is there any reason why you can't download the latest NetworkManager
source rpms and dependencies:

And simply rebuild them with 'rpmbuild --rebuild $srcrpm' ?

> >         Oct 22 14:30:51 poseidon dhclient: Internet Systems Consortium
> >         DHCP Client V3.0.3

This shows you are not running the Red Hat patched dhclient, whose version string
would be  :
            DHCP Client V3.0.3-RedHat

> >         Oct 22 14:30:51 poseidon dhclient:
> >         Oct 22 14:30:51 poseidon dhcdbd: Unrequested down ?:3

dhclient has exited abnormally, perhaps because it does not recognize the '-x' 
option, support for which is provided by the Red Hat dhclient patches - specifically,
'dhcp-3.0.2-extended_option_environment.patch' . You can stop dhcdbd supplying the -x
option by compiling dhcdbd with -DDHCLIENT_EXTENDED_OPTION_ENVIRONMENT=0 , but then
it will be unable to handle user-defined DHCP options.
> >         And this in /var/log/syslog:
> >         Oct 22 14:30:51 poseidon dhclient: eth0: not found

Since eth0 was not configured, dhcdbd has no record of it .

> >         Oct 22 14:31:29 poseidon NetworkManager: <WARNING>^I  ():
> >         nm_spawn_process('/etc/rc.d/rc.howl restart'): could not spawn
> >         process. (Failed to execute child process
> >         "/etc/rc.d/rc.howl" (No such file or directory))

NetworkManager depends on howl ? Perhaps you should consider installing howl:

> >         Oct 22 14:31:43 poseidon NetworkManager: compute_nameservers:
> >         assertion `config != NULL' failed
> >     

It looks like you may be missing some NetworkManager patches also.

I strongly suggest just rebuilding from the latest src rpms .

Jason Vas Dias

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