Re: vpn config

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 23:22 +0200, Joris Vuffray wrote:
> Trying to add a vpn connection produce following error:
> "No suitable VPN software was found on your system. Contact your
> system administrator."
> I'm running NetworkManger 0.5.1 on gentoo & vpnc 0.3.2
> Is this a problem with the location of the config files?
> Regards,
>           - Joris
> -- 

Hey Joris, I am the maintainer of NetworkManager on Gentoo - I don't
have a vpn, so I haven't done any work towards making sure that vpn's
work - If anyone has some instructions on getting it to work, they would
be greatly appreciated - I don't have any cisco hardware however, so
setting up my own vpn is kinda hard to do (plus, i only (currently) have
2 laptops, so uhh, hardware donations would be appreciated too ;) )

-- steev

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