wireless version detection broken for me.

Hey, Dan.

The change to use the wireless version from run-time is not happy with

Trying different combinations of wireless-tools[1], I continue to get
the same segfault I saw before [2].

Everything is fine if I replace the two "we_ver" arguments with
"WIRELESS_EXT" in the two iw_scan() calls in NetworkManagerDevice.c.

Any ideas?  Comments?

	Robert Love

[1] I tried a few different run-time/compile-time combinations with
different wireless-tools packages.  Specifically, wireless-tools-28pre9
at compile-time and run-time and WE 19 drivers segfaulted.  This should
be a fine combination.

[2] Error in free() from the iw_scan() results.data.  Or, in some
combinations, I would get the error as a corrupt GSList pointer.

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