Re: NM not renewing dhcp lease

On 11/14/05, Martin Høy <marhoy gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a problem with NM not renewing the DHCP-lease. [...]
> When NM gets the DHCPACK-message, the following is written to /var/log/messages:
> [...]
> Nov 11 11:13:31 heiko NetworkManager:   Address Time (51):      86400
> [...]

I've found the reason for this problem: The lease-times t1 and t2 used in
src/NetworkManagerDHCP.c are int's, but the lease-time we were using
(24 hours) is too large to be stored in an int.

Thus, we currently working round the problem by setting the lease-time to
only 8 hours (28800 seconds), which fits in an int.

If this problem is not already solved in the latest releases, it should at least
be properly documented as a limitation.



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