NM locks X11

Hi list

Since the 0.5.x upgrade I've been seeing the NetworkManagerInfo locks
the desktop. Locking being, the complete lack of response from anything
on the Desktop. Although I can move the pointer around just fine. I just
can't get any response from anything.

I guess NMInfo doesn't release its grab of the pointer when clicking on
the icon. The icon stays in its "pressed" state and I have to go to a
console (ctrl+alt+f1) and kill NetworkManagerInfo.
The dropdown menu with the AP list isn't show when this happens.
In an earlier version of NM a tiny window was shown. Not larger than
10x5 pixels. Looks like an empty Gtk::Window (or the equivalent in C,
can't remember what its called).

I can't remember this happening before the 0.5.0 and later releases.

I'm running the lastest updates-released version of NM on Fedore Core 4,


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