Re: Run a script when connection goes down?

On 11/07/2005 07:31 AM, Martin Høy wrote:
Hello all,

At my company, we place a lot of common software on NFS-shares.
These shares are mounted, and the directories placed in $PATH when
the clients are connected to our network.

The trouble begins when someone disconnects their ethernet-cable,
since a lot of directories in $PATH is no longer accessible.

Is it possible to make NetworkManager run a s script when a connection
is lost? If so, it would be fairly easy to create a script to umount the NFS-
shares when the connection to the NFS-server is no longer available.

Make sure the NetworkManagerDispatcher service is started, and put your script into /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/

Your script must handle two arguments, the device which received the on/off status change and the new state of the device.

e.g. it should be prepared to handle getting invoked as:

foo eth1 on
foo eth2 off

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