Re: Re: Gentoo packages unavailable?

On Fri, 2005-05-27 at 19:07 +0200, Jonas wrote:
> Hi,
> > HOWEVER, NetworkManager does not yet work reliably on Gentoo.  And since
> > it involves a lot of dependencies that aren't in the tree yet, I'd
> > advise you not to use it.
> you mean, don't use at all? or would building from source be fine?
> if the latter, what specific parts aren't of use yet?
> if there was kind of a todo list, i wouldn't care to fix them,
> given the source is readable (understandable) ;)

That NM ebuild requires the new hal and dbus, which aren't in the tree
yet and which break a lot of other stuff.  We're trying to get that
stuff in the tree, and once its in, you could start messing with it.
But even to build NM right now will require dependencies that will break
your system.  So I strong advise against it.  You can track the progress
by getting ahold of us in #gentoo-desktop on


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