Re: Non default VPN route patch, 1.369

Bill Moss <bmoss clemson edu> writes:

> Bill's reply:
> With vpnc-0.3.2, I stole the vpnc-connect script from Debian and used it 
> with Fedora Core. The Debian script added an additional key to vpnc.conf 
> called 'Target networks'. The functionality added is precisely what 
> Tomislav has added with his patch and the new GConf key 'routes'. I have 
> tested it and it works. The motivation for this patch is well stated by 
> Tomislav: "In case your home connection is much better than through the 
> office, you don't want your default route to go through the VPN. The 
> route I use for the office is for the subnet that holds all the critical 
> servers I use. I don't need access to the rest of the campus."

That script also includes an "Exclude networks" feature -- do you
plan to support that, too?


PS: Thank you for the Target networks patch -- I use that feature
mightily with my configuration.  If only I could figure out this
stupid nscd / selinux issue when it tries to run dns over the tunnel..

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