dnsmasq with a DBus interface.

I just made available a test version of dnsmasq, complete with a DBus interface for controlling the DNS servers. Feedback on this, especially if the DBus code and API design are sane, would be appreciated.

Dnsmasq is a caching DNS forwarder. It does IPv4 and IPv6 and supports forwarding queries for different domains to different DNS servers. In the NetworkManager context, I envisage it's use would be as a DNS server for the machine on which it runs. It would accept DNS queries to and forward them to whichever DNS servers are appropriate for the current network context, as determined by network manager.

Quick start:

1) Make dnsmasq by running "make" in the top level directory.

2) Invoke "src/dnsmasq -d --enable-dbus --no-resolv -i lo"

That will give a daemon running in the foreground (for testing) which is listening on the loopback interface and awaiting configuration via the system DBus. The API on the DBus is documented in the file "DBus-interface" in the tarball.

At the same time I also released version 0.2 of diamond, a DBus-controlled DHCP client. This is now quite usable, and has had testing in a variety of network environments. This might be a viable alternative to dhcdbd in the NetworkManager world. Again, I'm interested in feedback: this package is at an early stage in its development, and pretty much everything is up for grabs.





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