Trying to connect to WEP network, NetworkManager dies

I am trying to connect to our campus wireless network without success.
I click on "Create to Other Wireless Network", enter in the SSID, select
"Connect with encryption enabled" and Hex key, then enter the Hex key
provided by the system administrator.  At this point the nm-applet shows
that it is "Attempting to join the wireless network 'GTwireless'" for
awhile.  A new dialog appears "Passphrase Required by Wireless Network".
I enter the Hex Key again, then the nm-applet immediately disappears and
the following lines are entered into the /var/log/messages:

NetworkManager: <WARNING>   (): nm_device_get_frequency(): error getting
frequency for device eth1.  errno = 22
NetworkManager: nm_ap_set_auth_method: assertion 'ap != NULL' failed
NetworkManager: nm_ap_get_auth_method: assertion 'ap != NULL' failed

At this point the NetworkManager is dead and must be restarted.

Please let me know what other information I can provide to help figure
out why this isn't working.


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