FC4 NM not saving network


I've searched through this archive and googled for this info but cannot
seem to find a solution.

I have a new install of FC4 on a T42 with an internal aironet mpi350 card.
 I'm able to connect wireless to my network (non-broadcase ESSID w/ 128
bit HEX wep key) using iwconfig.

When I start /usr/libexec/NetworkManagerNotification, the icon on the
systray just spins and spins.  If I select and enter 'create new wireless
network' i never get connected when I enter the network information.

If I select 'other wireless network' it will find and connect - but it
does not save this information across reboots.

I have seen the entries in applications->system tools->configuration
editor and selecting: system->networking->wireless->networks->essid, but I
never see anything referencing the WEP key.

* Shouldn't the NetworkManager save networks across reboots?
* Why do I have to manually enter the essid/wep key for my home network
each time?

I hope I've just overlooked something - and if so, please forgive the
waste of bandwidth.


Ed J.

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