Re: ad-hoc mode link local only?

On Sat, 2004-12-25 at 22:38 +0100, Sebastien Estienne wrote:
> hello,
> today i noticed and verifyed in the code that , in adhoc mode we
> didn't try dhcp before using link local adress, why is it like this?
> i'm sharing my network access without access point, so in ad hoc mode,
> and on of the computer has a dhcp server.

Mainly because I wasn't sure what other implementations of Ad-Hoc mode
did for this.  It appears that OS X sets the card to use DHCP when you
use "Create Network..." option in the AirPort menu, but its unclear to
me how the thing gets an IP address then.

In any case, we should probably do link-local for _all_ interfaces
anyway, on top of whatever address they get for DHCP as well.
Therefore, we'd have a link-local address on the card all the time, and
also try DHCP in parallel.

> on a side note, networkmanagerindo doesn't report link quality (the
> blue bar is empty) whereas the gnome applet works. i was using ubuntu
> deb and it was reporting link quality. no i'm using a 2 days old cvs
> with ipw2100 1.0.2.

ipw drivers dont' report link quality for scanned access points, but it
should report quality information for the currently associated access
point...  probably a bug, but with driver's reporting different types of
quality info, its hard to get it right for every driver.

> i'll try to dig this problem and report success/fail

That would be great.


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