Re: max-strength.patch

The max-strength.patch sent earlier was based on the assumption that the NMI/N AP list is in the same order as the scan that generates it. That does not appear to always be the case. In my office I still see a weak AP first in the scan list and a strong one second, but the strong one is now showing up in the NMN menu which means it is first in the NMN AP list. Since Dbus is the agent that transfers the NM AP list to the NMI/N AP list, there is more going on here than I realized. What changed for me was that I deleted all the MAC addresses in gconf and started over. Previously I had about 8 addresses listed for my work essid, now I only have two. I tried different orders for these MAC addresses in gconf but that made no difference. The max-strength.patch will work but it would be nice to understand how the AP is ordered.

Bill Moss
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

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