Re: at_console


On Mon, 2005-02-07 at 00:12 +0100, Tom Parker wrote:

> 1) Persuade the major distributions (except Redhat which has done this) 
> to ship pam_console. This will run into issues with Debian certainly, as 
> some googling indicates some issues re: possible problems with various 
> users logging in/out and the uncertainity of who will own various device 
> nodes.

	Yeah, there's two parts to pam_console - the part which checks whether
the user is logging in at the console and sets the flag
in /var/run/console and the other which changes device permissions. It
probably would be easier to get upstream buy-in for the first part if it
was on its own.

> 2) Replace the current 'check for a /var/run/console/$username' with an 
> actual implementation of the pam_console logic i.e. check the user's 
> logged in terminal and see if they're a console user. This gets around 
> the Debian issues as we're not messing around with device node 
> permissions at all.

	pam_console checks the controlling tty as the user logs in, I'm not
sure how you could reproduce that login in dbus.


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