NetworkManager and suspend


I'm doing S3 suspend/sleep on my laptop, and when I resume everything
seems ok but the network doesn't always work, and NetworkManager isn't
actively trying to get a new connection.

Is NetworkManager able to detect changes in state like S3/S4/S5 and
recover from it? or should I edit my suspend script and restart
NetworkManager from there.
I must admit I have no idea if hal and dbus are usable for acpi stuff.

3 lines from the log after coming out of S3 sleep: 
Feb  3 20:44:27 xrene kernel: Restarting tasks... done
Feb  3 20:44:28 xrene hald[4513]: Timed out waiting for hotplug event
809. Rebasing to 811
Feb  3 20:45:11 xrene ntpd[4371]: sendto( Network is


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