Re: dhclient issue

On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 13:48 -0400, Ken VanDine wrote:
> I am working on getting NetworkManager packaged up for Foresight and am struggling a bit.  I am assuming the problem is actually with dhcdbd, but not sure.
> I have dhcdbd 1.8 (tried 1.6 too), dhclient 3.0.2 (with patches add dbus stuff to dhclient-script) and NetworkManager 4.0.cvs20050506.
> This is what I see in my messages log when starting NetworkManager:

>From the logs, it appears that you may not have all the patches to
dhclient...  There are actually two, one to add "-x" support to
dhclient, and one to make dhclient-script pass the options back to
dhcdbd.  I think the logs indicate that you may be missing the first
patch, for -x in dhclient itself.


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