Re: [1.463 hangs here

On Thu, 2005-08-18 at 10:18 -0400, Bill Moss wrote:
> It gets to point 3 but the function nm_dbus_get_user_key_for_network_cb 
> doesn't get called. Mostly NM connects when I boot in range of a 
> broadcasting AP but I have to force just about everything else. When I 
> recompile and restart messagebus, NM, NMD with a script and then start 
> nm-applet from a menu item for convenience. This nolonger works. How to 
> pin down why dbus_pending_call_set_notify is so flacky? My dbus and hal 
> and gtk are up to date with rawhide but I am still running gnome 2.10.

This problem should be fixed in current CVS, it was a race condition
between the applet and NM.


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