Re: HEAD 1.441 patch: consolidate writes to gconf

On Sat, 2005-08-06 at 11:49 -0400, Bill Moss wrote:
> Yesterday, I posted to the NM-list patches that removed one write to 
> gconf. After thinking about it some more, I see that two more writes to 
> gconf/keyring can be removed. I propose to consolidate all gconf/keyring 
> updates in a single place -- NetworkManagerPolicy.c: 
> nm_policy_activation_finish. No data will be written to gconf/keyring 
> until it has been validated by a successful connection.
> The current code updates gconf/keyring in four places
> 1. passphrase.c: nmi_passphrase_dialog_ok_clicked: nmi_save_network_info
> 2. NetworkManagerDevice.c: nm_device_set_user_key_for_network: 
> nm_dbus_update_network_info
> 3. NetworkManagerDevice.c: nm_device_activate_stage5_ip_config_commit:  
> nm_dbus_update_network_info
> 4. NetworkManagerPolicy.c: nm_policy_activation_finish: 
> nm_dbus_add_network_address
> My patches eliminate 1, 2, 3 and adds a call to 
> nm_dbus_update_network_info to NetworkManagerPolicy.c: 
> nm_policy_activation_finish.
> ________________________________________________
> 1. passphrase.patch: delete call to nmi_save_network_info
> 2. applet-dbus-info.patch: add timestap to nmi_save_network_info
> 3. nmdevice.patch: delete two calls to nm_dbus_update_network_info
> 4. nmpolicy.patch: add call to nm_dbus_update_network_info
> 5. netlink.patch: change g_object_new (NM_TYPE_NETLINK_MONITOR, NULL) to 
> g_object_new (NM_TYPE_NETLINK_MONITOR, NULL, NULL). For some reason I am 
> getting a compile warning treated as an error. It complains about not 
> enough arguments in g_object_new. This is a mystery to me.

This all sounds good, I've got a few other things to get through then
I'll commit this.


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