Re: Debian backedn update+backend proposal

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, Tom Parker wrote:
> I've just attached a patch to update the Debian backend to use the latest 
> changes. However, I keep noting that most of the changes here are copy+paste 
> from the Redhat backend. I'm thinking that a bunch more work can be done on some 
> better merging of the backends - or at least some way to mark a backend as "like 
> this one, except for these functions". Some sort of kernel-like function pointer 
> structure pointing to the correct routines for a platform perhaps?
> Ideas anyone?

That's probably a good idea, but I'd like to get away from using the backends 
for call-outs.  I'd like to transition to using "libnl" 
( to do most of the routing and address stuff 
from inside NetworkManager, rather than running external binaries.  That should 
take out most of the backend stuff except for (a) reading config files, and (b) 
distro specific initialization.

Once I get the applet & info-daemon merged, I'm going to start working on that 
since it will make a lot of the VPN routing stuff more manageable and flexible.


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