Even more fashionably late to the party

Hi folks.  I am writing to see whether I can help with NetworkManager.  

My main interest would be in integrating it into Debian.  I have been
involved for a few years in trying to improve various aspects of
Debian's network configuration tools.  E.g., I have worked on Debian's
ifupdown program, resolvconf, guessnet and on the packaging of these and
other related programs.

NM is obviously a significant achievement.  I don't know it very well,
but the overall design looks good.

It looks to me as if it will require significant work to integrate it
fully into the Debian framework which is currently centred on the
ifupdown program.  I am willing to do some of this work.  I would like
to see a cross-distribution network configuration system emerge from

One reason I haven't involved myself before is that I took seriously the
statements that NM is intended only for single-user systems.  If NM is
to be limited in that way then I am much less interested in working on
it.  I would rather work on a general purpose program that could be
included in the base system.  I don't yet see why it has to be limited
in that way, though.

Thomas Hood <jdthood yahoo co uk>

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