Re: Late to the party - multiple search domains on the network.

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 20:27 +0100, Simon Kelley wrote:
> Please could I see that as soon as you feel happy to release it? I'm 
> currently struggling with the DBUS API (or rather the docs, incomplete, 
> out of date, yadda yadda) so ready done code that implements a defined 
> DBUS interface would really help me.

The doxygen docs are fairly complete, but there aren't many examples.  I
have the ability to yell over the cube walls at Havoc, John Palmieri,
Colin Walters, or David Zeuthen, all of whom have extensive D-BUS
experience, but you of course don't.

Applications that use D-BUS extensively include:

1) NetworkManager
2) HAL
3) gnome-volume-manager
4) desktop-printing package from Fedora
5) others I forget

If you want some fairly small, self-contained examples of D-BUS services
and D-BUS clients, a lot of the test programs in NetworkManager show how
to do it.  They are more or less quickly written though, and don't have
proper error checking or garbage collection.

NetworkManagerInfo is a fairly OK example of a daemon that implements a
dbus service, catches signals, and calls other dbus services.  It's
single-threaded though.  Also, bindings really help with mainloop
integration, otherwise you have to do a lot of work to deal with the
dbus file descriptors yourself.  Unfortunately I don't think you want to
require glib just yet :)

Anyway, I'd be happy to help with questions, as I'm sure others on the
dbus lists at would.  Somebody needs to write a good
tutorial for D-BUS (Robert Love's one in LinuxJournal is out of date
with dbus >= 0.3).


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