Still doesn't work (was Re: Problems connecting using Atheros/madwifi)


Just updated wireless tools but Network Manager still refuses to
connect to my wireless network.  I should note that this particular
network does not broadcast beacons, so I have to specifically go into
NetworkManagerInfo and tell it to use "Other Wireless Network" and
type in my network name.

I'm not getting the messgaes about failed scans anymore, which is a
good thing.  But I still get "The requested wireless network
'my-network' does not appear to be in range.  A different wireless
network will be used if any are available."

During the "scan" it's still seeing a bunch of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF, and
it does not appear to settle out before NM gives up.  I was running
"watch -n 1 iwconfig ath0" and for the first few seconds after I
select my network it scans without an ESSID for about 10 seconds.
Then it finally inserts the ESSID of my network and scans some more.
The driver eventually settles on an AP (around 10-12 seconds) and at
the same time it settles on one I get the error dialog.

So... Any suggestions?  I'm willing to recompile, apply patches, or
help you debug this in any way I can to get this working.  It's
definitely closer than it was yesterday, but it still has problems
with networks that don't broadcast their ESSID beacons.


Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

>> > This probably happens because scans don't work, and therefore
>> > NetworkManager can't find networks to connect to.
>> Is this due to the aforementioned wireless-tools "problem"?  (I.e., will the
>> wireless-tools update fix this issue, too?  Or is this another issue?)
> I hope so.  NetworkManager isn't able to retrieve scan results from the
> card due to the wireless-tools problem, and therefore isn't able to
> connect to any wireless networks.

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