Re: Applet starting twice

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004, Ryan Skadberg wrote:
> So, if I run NetworkManagerInfo and it starts the Gnome applet, all is
> well.  When I log out, I save my session, so it will be there the next
> time.  The problem?  Next time I log in, there are two
> NetworkManagerInfo processes.  Anyone else seeing this?  I've tred
> adjusting my session and can't seem to get this not to happen.

You shouldn't have to run NMI manually.  Its session-managed, and will be 
started by gnome-session automatically when you log in.  It does exit if 
NetworkManager dies, at which point I just realized you would be in a bit 
of a pickle.  We'll have to fix that.

But you shouldn't have to start it really, as long as NetworkManager is 
started from the initscript when the computer start up.


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