Re: WPA and IEEE 802.1X support

Yep, WPA and various types of 802.1x are planned.  It looks like
wpa_supplicant is the best bet for now, however it has its problems WRT

1) It does its own WEP key storage
2) It does its own interface detection
3) It does its own link detection
4) Its a daemon

Unfortunately, it looks like we might have to engulf wpa_supplicant too,
like we've done DHCP.  All these little programs attempt to be
_everything_ (which of course, is what NetworkManager is :), what we
really need is a library for this stuff.  So we'll probably have to make
wpa_supplicant a library like dhcp and zeroconf stuff.


On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 21:32 -0500, Andrew Barr wrote:
> I was wondering what plans are for supporting IEEE 802.1x and/or WPA (both PSK 
> and EAP) are. I have three wireless nets I connect to, one uses LEAP via 
> xsupplicant, another WPA-EAP, and another is open. So right now 
> NetworkManager is only good for one of those three :(. Keep up the good work 
> though, this is sorely needed in Linux.
> Andrew
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