Zeroconf library

I'd been thinking about the zeroconf/link-local dynamic config possiblity, and considered that the "make existing program into a library" approach like the DHCPD stuff was a good plan. Hence, I've attached my first workings in that direction. The directory includes a patch against the root to alter and to get it to compile in ok. It's basically the autoipd from Howl with some minor modifications, and stripped down a bit. Therefore it relies on the libhowl library (we may eventually want to think about doing things like this as configure-time options).

Currently it doesn't actually do very much beyond increasing the NetworkManager binary size a bit, but there's now a set of autoipd_{init,run,destroy} functions that could now easily be used in the main programs. Any thoughts on *when* we should use zeroconf? Given as Debian certainly doesn't mention it in the networking config, and I'm guessing likely also for other distros. However, using it as a "if dhcp fails" option sounds like the best idea. So, we'd just need to start calling things when/if dhcp fails....


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