Re: NetworkManager on Gentoo

So long as in /etc/conf.d/net your device is configured to use dhcp, it
should work.

You can try following this rough guide to get it going.

Create a portage overlay: /usr/local/portage
Set PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/usr/local/portage in /etc/make.conf

Go to
and get the ebuilds:


Then run: emerge -C dbus && emerge --digest dbus-cvs hal

Following those instructions, you should get a proper environement in
which NetworkManager can run. Not having dbus-cvs can cause a serious
problem, and that's what most of the work above is for.

Once it's all installed, run /etc/init.d/hald restart. Then you should
be able to run NetworkManager and NetworkManagerInfo. For now, I run
them manually in consoles without detaching to I can see what's going
on. Should be fine to run the NetworkManager init.d script, and then
NetworkManagerInfo in your gnome session.

If you have any specific problems, let us/me know. When NetworkManager
first came out, there was no support for Gentoo, so trying now may give
better results.


On Sun, 2004-11-14 at 13:08 -0500, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 22:18 -0500, Robert Paskowitz wrote:
> > I'm not too sure if there are many people using Gentoo on this list, but
> > I've seen considerable interest, so I hope at least a few are here. Of
> > course, hopefully anyone will be able to weigh in on this.
> <snip>
> I'm a gentoo user, but except for a brief attempt when NM was first
> announced, that failed miserably, I'm mostly just waiting for someone to
> get NM working on Gentoo.
> I'd be highly in favor of anything that made NM easier to make work
> correctly.
> Daniel

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