Re: Saving Keys?

On Sun, 2004-10-24 at 14:07 -0400, Ryan Skadberg wrote: 
> From reading up on the NetworkManager website, it looks like
> NetworkManager is supposed to be smart enough to save keys for
> different WAPs.  Is this correct?  Will it only do this for actual
> keys or is it supposed to be smart enough to save pass phrases?  It
> seems that I am getting queried each time I connect to my WAP enabled
> network and it seems to me like this isn't supposed to happen.

I was having the same problem, but got rid of it using the attached
patch.  It seems NM doesn't check for an existing key when NMI wakes it
up from the HAVE_LINK loop.

Index: src/NetworkManagerDevice.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/NetworkManager/src/NetworkManagerDevice.c,v
retrieving revision 1.56
diff -u -r1.56 NetworkManagerDevice.c
--- src/NetworkManagerDevice.c	29 Oct 2004 19:52:35 -0000	1.56
+++ src/NetworkManagerDevice.c	31 Oct 2004 23:57:17 -0000
@@ -1438,7 +1438,7 @@
 			/* If we don't have a link yet, the encryption key is bad.  Ask the user for a
 			 * new one.
-			if (nm_ap_get_encrypted (best_ap))
+			if (AP_NEED_KEY (best_ap))
 				dev->options.wireless.user_key_received = FALSE;
 				nm_dbus_get_user_key_for_network (dev->app_data->dbus_connection, dev, best_ap);

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