Re: CVS-12-23-04 - loss of connection

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Bill Moss wrote:
> After connection is established, NetworkManager: AUTO: Best wired device 
> is repeated many times in syslog. Then connection is lost. stopping NM, 
> rmmod/modprobe ipw2200 and the connection can be made again. syslog 
> shows this behaviour started when I updated on the evening of 12-21-04. 
> I have observed on loss of connection with ipw2200 used without NM. I 
> thought the NM policy was not to check for the best interface unless the 
> current connection is lost.


That is correct.  I don't see anything wrong with this log output, NM will 
print this AUTO: best device is... stuff every time it goes through the 
routine that picks the best device, which is every 2s or so I believe.  
The output is normal, the best device isn't being changed.

What seems to be a bug is that the connection is lost.  NM isn't doing 
anything with your connection unless it prints "Activating device <foo>" 
or something along those lines.  Could you do an 'iwconfig eth0' (or 
whatever your device is) and post it back to this list, when the device 
appears to have "lost" its connection?


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