Re: CVS-12-20-04

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 10:06 -0500, Bill Moss wrote:
> I check the text of the dialog box for the new option 'Create new 
> Wireless Network' -- Enter the ESSID and security settings of the new 
> [ad-hoc] wireless network you wish to create. I suggest adding 'ad-hoc' 
> for stup-nagles like me who are reading challenged.
> Same results as yesterday in syslog.
> Dec 21 09:49:33 localhost NetworkManager: AUTO: Best wired device = 
> (null), best wireless device = eth1 ( )
> Dec 21 09:49:36 localhost NetworkManager: AP_NEED_KEY: is_enc=1 && 
> (!(key_source=1) || !(strlen=26))
> Dec 21 09:49:42 localhost NetworkManager: nm_device_set_bitrate(): error 
> setting bitrate 0 KHz for device eth1.  errn
> o = 95

Ok, that means that the driver doesn't support the bitrate setting
operation.  I lied actually, I set the bitrate to "auto" before setting
up the card, but I only set the bitrate to 11M when we're in Ad-Hoc mode
and the card is already at 0.

What does an 'iwconfig eth1 rate auto' return?  -ENOTSUP?


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